Are you getting the most out of your shot? I don’t mean “can you shoot the puck?”. What I mean is do you know every specific motion that is involved with a good shot, and can you can fully utilize each area to get the most power?

Being able to lift the puck is good, but if you want to be dangerous every time you get close to the net you need to have a consistently hard and accurate shot.

In this lesson we have a 5 video series on improving your shot. Each video breaks down a specific part of the shot that you can focus on to get more power.

The Building Blocks of a Good Shot

Using the wrists

The wrists are the last joint used in your shot, but don’t forget to activate them. With a good wrist snap you can increase power and accuracy.

Getting “Snap” in your shot

When coaches talk about a snap in your shot, this is what they mean. I like to call it finishing your shot, using the push-pull motion, plus your wrists to get a good boost of speed at the end of your shot

Drawing the Puck back

You don’t always have time to use this method for power, but adding it to your arsenal will add more power. Watch the video to find out why.

Start every shot with the legs

Your legs are the most powerful muscles in your body, if you aren’t using them properly you will be limiting the amount of power you can generate in each shot, and also reducing the effectiveness of your weight transfer. Watch the video below to learn about using your legs to generate power in your shot

Using the hockey stick to generate power

The last piece of the puzzle for a complete shot is the hockey stick. The stick is actually a very big contributor to the amount of power you can generate on your shot. By flexing the stick you load it with potential energy, just waiting to be released into your shot. Find out more in the last video in our series on having a complete shot.