Joe: Jason, you certainly had a great first game of the season, for you, with the two homeruns, catching a great game, and it was just like you drew it up.

Tek: Thank you.

Joe: What about the long balls with Greinke? He’s a guy that was so stingy, last year, the toughest man to take deep in the league, last year. He gave up only 11 homers in 229 innings, and you and Hermida got him on consecutive pitches. How’d that happen?

Tek: I think we were fortunate. We got a pitch up in the zone, and we were both able to capitalize on it in that situation. He’s got probably the best stuff you in the league from a right-hander, as far as the full repertoire, power, everything. We were fortunate to lay some good swings on him.

Dave: Tek, can you talk for a moment about this adjustment for you, and we know you’ve handled it with all the class in the world, but it’s an unusual set of circumstances for you catching every day, every day for twelve or thirteen years, and this was your first start tonight.

Tek: Yeah, I was a nervous wreck! [laughs] You know, it’s a constant work in progress right now, just trying to figure out how to stay sharp, what’s too much, what’s not enough, and we’re going to constantly continue to try and do that.

Joe: Well this has been a great home run park for you. You had the three home run game here, we recalled from ’01. I believe all three were left-handed. This is a park where it doesn’t carry very well, and it’s got deep dimensions

Tek: Oh, I think the ball carried well today, to be honest with you. It’s a big park, but at different times depending on the weather it can carry well.

Dave: Tek, we’ll let you go in just a moment, but 38 years old tomorrow, we’ll say a happy early birthday to you. (Tek: [laughs] Thank you!) You certainly didn’t swing the bat or look like a 38 year old here today, but how are you going to celebrate? You have the kids with you?

Tek: I have my daughters with me. I’m just tickled pink that they were able to be here. They’ve been wondering if I’m ever going to play, and they were just excited. They’re excited to be here. And like I said, I’m just so fortunate to have them here with me.

Dave: Their daddy did just fine tonight. That’s for sure.

Tek: [laughs] Thank you.

Joe: We saw them on the plane – they looked like they were having the time of their lives!

Tek: They’re some good girls.

Dave: Alright, Tek. Congrats, man. Thank you very much.

Tek: Thanks, guys.

WRKO Radio | Interview conducted by Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brien | Transcribed by Anna H